Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Past, Present and Future

This is a sentence I posted on the J-ReP fan page “Look to the past to learn not to regret, live the present with a mission not in a moment, see the future as your destined greatness not as your destined mediocrity”

Of course I’m going to promote it, see link here:!/pages/Jamaica-Reformation-Project-J-ReP/135564353126256?ref=ts

This sentence goes a lot deeper than mere words are able to express, because it pretty much speaks about life; it speaks about what separates men and women of greatness and legacy from those are a simply seen as ‘average’; here today gone tomorrow.

Let’s take some time to break down each line “Look to the past to learn not to regret…” I think too often we are caught up with focusing on the past: past mistakes, past failures, past painful incidents, without realizing that the past is not a place that is meant for hurtful memories and regret, but is to be used as a lesson to be learnt. If you are still thinking about the past as a hurt rather than a lesson then you have yet to learn what that past was trying to teach you. As I said, it is for learning, not for regretting. It took me a while to truly figure this for myself, because like most people I always saw it as a regret. Then, looking back on my past now, and realizing the person I have become, I now see that the person I have now become is a direct result of my past; not just one situation or incident, but all. I mean I could get into everyone, relationships, family feuds, countless failures etc. I could go into every single one and I could show how it directly links back to how my past helped me to become who I am today. The thing is a lot of us never become the person who we were meant to be because we still have the wrong perception of the past. We are still looking at the pain instead of the purpose; the regret that leads to regress instead of the lesson that leads to progress and growth; the failures as a deterrent from success instead of the failures that had to be mastered in order to discover the formula for success. This is why your perception or mindset of the past is so important to your growth as a person, and your prosperity in life; be it wealth, health (mental and physical), or personal development. The world isn’t different from those who live happy successful lives and those who don’t, the difference is a successful, happy person’s perception and mindset as opposed to a depressed, failure’s perception and mindset, their approaches differ not their environment or situation. This is the key point many people are still missing.

“Live the present with a mission, not in a moment…” There is a saying that says you should always try to live life in the sweetness of the moment, don’t let anyone mislead you with this fairy tale. I believe in living life happily today, each day because you never know what tomorrow will bring. However, there is a difference between living life happily each day and living in the moment each day. People who live life happily are also people who have a plan…this is their mission. They know who they are or what they represent, where they want to be in life, how they are going to get there and what do they need to do right now to get there. Hence, they live in the present but are still aware of the future. The difference is people who live consistently in the moment never have a plan. Why? Because they are too busy living for right now, they don’t think of the past or the future. Therefore, they aren’t learning from what was, nor are they preparing for what needs to be. Take it from me, these are the people who will live a carefree, enjoyable life now, only to live the rest of their lives later on in distress and misery because they have not accomplished and hence have a lowered sense of self worth and value. My thing is how do you want to be remembered? Do you want to be remembered as a person of great accomplishment who helped to change the world? Do you want to be the person who is remembered as a legend who leaves behind a great legacy to his/her name? Or do you want to be “that person who died the other day”? Live with a mission not in the moment.

Finally, “…see the future as your destined greatness, not as your destined mediocrity” You can’t expect anyone to see you as having any worth or value if you’re not willing to see yourself as such first. People will never look on a couch potato and think “Wow! He could become the next Martin Luther or Donald Trump of our time”. You have to see the value in yourself first before others will see it in you. Not only to see that value and greatness, but to actually embody that value and greatness. What do I mean by this? I mean the thought must be accompanied by the action. You have to think it and then do it. Don’t worry about getting it right the first time. Have you ever watched The Matrix? “No one ever makes the first jump”, not even ‘The One’. At some point in time even the greatest in history had to make mistakes. Focus on that greatness, own it, embrace it, reinforce it, and perfect it. Pretty soon people will begin to say “he’s/she’s going to be a man/woman of greatness someday”. You have to see it first before others will.

Learn the past…Live the present…See your destined future.

All the Best.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finding Purpose

Everyone has a purpose, and within each person purpose exists, it’s just a matter of discovering what your purpose is.

As insignificant as you may think you are we all have a purpose. We are here, living, breathing, existing, and the mere fact that we are means that God wants us to realize and complete our purpose to our fullest potential. We are all born with gifts that will enable us to unlock our purpose hidden within us. Never believe that you cannot change the world around you as you wish, for this is what purpose does. Purpose gives the power to influence your environment, however immediate or distant for the better of everyone and yourself. We were all meant for greater, sadly most never realize it, and live their entire life meaninglessly and missed out on their purpose.

Purpose is not acquiring wealth, or the things of the earth, for if it only benefits one person then you have yet to discover what your true purpose is. True purpose uplifts and empowers not only yourself to greatness, but also the people around you to unlock their potential as well…this is how powerful purpose is.

Purpose helps you to grow into someone of fulfillment. By taking the steps in discovering and accomplishing your purpose, you begin adding meaning to your life. It means that you know your reason for your existence, in a sense the meaning to life. With meaning comes value, you begin to feel as though your life is worth something more, that you are contributing and shaping the very world, and with this comes confidence and higher self-esteem. With added value comes fulfillment, you begin to feel an inner peace that you have never experienced before, and no matter how hard life may get, once you fulfill that purpose the peace will forever be with you. Finally, with fulfillment comes happiness, because helping others makes you feel fulfilled which leads to happiness, and I happily challenge anyone who disputes this fact, not theory. Therefore, the more people are helped the more you feel fulfilled and the happier you become, this brings peace of mind. Something that wealth cannot buy and only a handful have obtained; it is quite possibly the greatest of life’s gifts next to life itself.

Purpose helps others to grow into better individuals than they are now. By fulfilling your purpose you begin to touch others around you through your actions. These actions act as agents of positivity that help to uplift and empower others, thus developing them into agents of purpose as well; this extends the chain to others.

Purpose changes the world around you. Through your actions that produce the extended chain, it continues to grow reaching others and spreading throughout the world. If you think about it purpose has been changing the world for years. Ghandi fulfilled his purpose and change the world’s perception of how we interact and communicate with each other; it can be argued he was one of the first agents of positivity and personal development in others. Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King etc. all fulfilled their purpose and led the civil rights movement, liberating the rights for Black people of today…and so on and so forth. Since these agents of purpose fulfilled their purpose, our world has now changed for the better and we are able to enjoy certain freedoms today. Think if they chose not to fulfill their purpose what world would we live in today…it all began with purpose.

Not finding purpose is the same as not finding your reason for existing. It’s pointless to say you are living in the world and not being or becoming an agent of purpose. What is your reason for living, what is your truth, what do you believe, what is your meaning of life? If these are unanswerable questions to you then your existence is wasting away and you should find your purpose.

Be more than a worldly spectator, waiting for your day to come to an end, knowing that all you did was exist, instead of living purposefully.

Help yourself, help others, help the world and discover your purpose.

All the Best.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blessed 2009 and a Prosperous 2010

“Blessed 2009 and a Prosperous 2010”, this was the message that was sent out from the J-ReP group at the beginning of 2010.

I was scrolling though the internet and I came across the message on one of my good Facebook friend’s blog Lady Mystery ( While reading through the message I realized the word ‘new’ was repeated several times throughout the message, “New Year”, “new beginnings”, “new, better things to come”, “new people”. As I said the word ‘new’ appeared several times throughout the message, and more than once in the same instances.

It wasn’t so much the word but more the significance of the message that touched me deeply, which was surprising to me since I was the one who wrote it. Still, looking back at the message and its significance I began to realize a lot. I began realizing that this isn’t just another message but it is symbolic of what we must become in order to see that prosperity that we are so hopeful for in 2010 onwards. I also realized that it wasn’t so much that we needed to change but more that we needed to become renewed, in every sense of the word. Renewed in our mindset, our approach to life, and in everything that we do, in other words becoming new people. Finally, I realized that with the recent development in Tivoli Gardens a lot has been happening as it relates to reform and renewing of our sweet Jamaica, and more importantly the people.

A lot is being put in place in ensuring that renewed Jamaica. I was particular pleased at how more Jamaicans are standing firm and stepping up to the plate of being that change that they want to see, and it warmed my heart deeply. I feel as though indirectly, our message had began to sweeten the air and new life had been blown into the lungs of our people. I can honestly and confidently say that now I am seeing where the people have begun taking the necessary actions, and suffice to say I am pleased.

I read further in the message and it states, “However, our efforts are pointless without the proper support in place, as all of you are our strength. Consequently, we are counting on everyone to offer support where they see possible. J-ReP is dedicated to seeing a positive change in our nation and the world, but first it needs to start with each of us.” Then I realized though we have began taking the necessary steps in realizing that change, there is still a lot that needs to be done.

As the message said “…you are our strength…we are counting on everyone to offer support…first it needs to start with each of us”. We must now realize that our greatest strength will not come from within, but from our collective efforts. Our greatest support does not come from within, but from our collective support. In order to see this collective approach working it needs to start with each of us.

This is not the time to take a laid back approach to our vision of change. The path has already been set and cleared for us to put in the ground work that is needed in realizing New Jamaica, but it cannot be a ‘some of us’ initiative it has to be a ‘all of us’ one.

This is why I am again imploring everyone to be hopeful and hold the faith that God has given us this opportunity to make things right, and make it right we shall, but we have to be willing to put in the work. Change never came from being laid back and comfortable; true change takes hard work, sacrifice and selflessness as I am sure history has proven time and again.

Though it may not be prosperous…yet, we are indeed all blessed to have been given this opportunity to make it so.

I believe, and will continue believing until it is made real with my dying breath that this prosperity and change will indeed be realized.

Will you believe with me?

All the Best.

What's Your Merriment?!/pages/Whats-Your-Merriment-WYM/109951149043108?ref=ts

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Optimistic Realist

The following piece is copyrighted, in order to re-post or use this poem please seek permission from the writer (Winston A. Henderson)

When society has not made you a priority
Then you have to prioritize yourself, earn your wealth
Not just monetary but personally, spiritually
For the wealth of the mind is greater than that on the outside

When I say greatness then most will hate this
Because they try to criminalize the power of the mind
For within all greatness exists, but non-existent to some
Because they’re lead to believe they’re insignificantly done
Insignificant creations but man did not create you
So man cannot persuade you to mediocrity
So open your eyes, still some undermine their very greatness
A dumb-down version of societal idiocy, such hypocrisy
Still I persist to insist that all find their inner optimist
Greatly done…For to be great is not found in some…but all

When I say pursue your passion
Then like Terro 3 I’ll see me heading to the top
But I might drop, might not reach to the top
But I cannot let negative thoughts be my block
But why stop, why not maintain or go beyond
My very expectations, beyond my perceptions
Declared, deceived, defined to me by society
For this is merely a trick on the mind, simply deception
For I know that with my passion comes perfection

When I say within know your true value I know most can’t handle
Because they walk through life, sadness and strife without knowing
Without knowing they’re meant for something greater so I pray that later
Someone will come to realize that true value doesn’t exist on the outside
But within, buried beneath a darkened skin, lightened even just so it’s even

When I say happiness, I know at times I sound like a passivist
Happiness, some seek to search to find true…happiness
A smile all the time without having to read between the lines…happiness
For wealth, for power, for a significant other or brother…happiness
For the materialistic things, for the cars and the blings…happiness
But how many times must I reiterate that true happiness does not come from a mate
Or food on a plate, not from being great or even to consummate
Not even from fast girls and fast life, those will bring additional strife
Not fast money or fast cars, for those will lead to even more scars
Not even from the moon or the stars, but from who you truly are…true happiness

They call me an optimist, I say no, call me an optimistic realist
For I’m hopeful to the true, and pessimistic to the delusionary
I speak confidence in you that is true but still with a bit of imaginary
Planetary, my thoughts are not, so of others it cannot be the same
Now before you proceed to leave this page
Please take time to read the next post, the next presentation
Some say sky’s the limit, I say Limit Your Limitations

…The Intellection

Limit your Limitations

How many of you believe that you have inadequacies as human beings? I’ll put up my hand first because I have a lot.

I can’t run very fast, especially with this old man leg, so running for Jamaica is out; I’m not really on the tall side so that pretty much rules out basketball for me; heck I pretty much can’t do anything where sports is concerned so let’s forget about that.

What about academics? Well I’ve never been seen as the brightest of my class during any of my years in school, whether primary all the way to tertiary, though I was never considered a dunce either. I guess I fell somewhere at average, maybe a C average. I’m probably one of the worse at maths, don’t do the sciences very well, plus I hate reading so most other areas are pretty much downhill from there.

What about personal skills? I can’t dance, can’t sing, well I cook a little but that’s just for survival rather than creating delectable exquisite meals. I’m not very outgoing, charismatic or have any sort of outstanding personality that draws people to me. Not the cutest guy but I’m alright I guess.

I guess it can be said that I pretty much can’t do anything and worth absolutely nothing. L

However, I am considered by others to be someone of wisdom and intelligence beyond my years (praise be to God), good analytical skills; good writing skills, good listener too; pretty compassionate, and a bit of a perfectionist.

With what little I have I am able to start a foundation that will inspire change and hope in Jamaica. I’m not good at IT or anything too technical but I love Marketing and will use my intelligence and analytical skills to become one of the greatest Marketers the world has ever known. With my love for writing I can create beautifully poetry and books that will inspire the greater good of mankind. People will compare me to a Martin Luther King, a man of legend and revolution. I would even be so bold as to say I may become even greater.

What was the purpose of this exercise? It is to show everyone that if you spend time focusing on only your limitations and inadequacies as a person you will never be able to tap into your greatness and extract your true potential.

It is obvious that my inadequacies far exceed and outweigh my capabilities; by most or even everyone they would be seen as pointless and meaningless, that I am someone with absolutely no talent, no skill and hence no future. Yet, with the limited capabilities that I possess I have the potential to become one of the greatest men of all time. This is because I do not waste my time focusing on what I can’t do, but spend my time focusing on what I can do, and how I can use that to my benefit to excel at what I choose to do.

You can do this too. Learn to Limit your Limitations and you will excel at what you do:

  1. Focus Correctly: Stop focusing on your inadequacies, and what others can do that you cannot; instead identify and focus on what you can do
  2. Do not tell yourself that you cannot: Tell yourself that you can become better than you are now, by reinforcing this, it conditions your mind to believe it can and soon after the action follows…negative reinforcement, negative actions; positive reinforcement, positive actions
  3. Work on your talent: Practice your talent everyday or as often as possible so you can perfect it; as the saying goes “practice makes perfect”
  4. Exceed your Perfection: Once you feel you have reached your talent’s peak of perfection, think of new ways to surpass it mentally, physically and practically

These steps will ultimately lead to you putting a limit on your limitations, so that you can surpass even your own possibilities and expectations. Never stop at what you believe you can accomplish, always seek to go beyond them.

Be careful not to become distracted by the accomplishments of others. Being distracted by others accomplishments will quickly lead to a sense of inadequacy, which will generate feelings of failure and eventually quitting.

Remember, it’s not who finishes first but who finishes best.

All the Best.

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