Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Truth of the Matter

It’s both ironic and amazing that as human beings we are always protesting how we don’t like being lied to, whether in a parent-child relationship, government-the people, intimate relationships, and friendships. Yet over the years I have seen, heard and experienced that as human beings we are afraid of the truth, even I at one point, especially if that truth can be hurtful, disappointing, or heartbreaking.

People are afraid of hearing and accepting the truth, for the particular reason that they see the truth as a mechanism that disrupts their perfect, harmonious world. It wakes them from a dream state to the harshness which is reality. It brings destruction to their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Be careful not to misunderstand what is being said, with the hope and dream of attaining success and achieving greatness, which is linked to your career and future. What I am referring to is the truth that stems from a relationship, a personal bond between two people, be it a friend, kin, or lover.

What people need to realize and understand is the truth is there not as a means to create discomfort in your life or situation, it is there to cure you from the imperfections of yourself, so that you may grow to be a better, more fulfilled person, inner growth from the inside out. It serves as a means to break free from mental enslavement, in the sense of allowing fear of the truth to keep you from doing or not doing what you know is right or wrong, respectively. To help you not be dependent on a deluded state to provide security or comfort in an uncomfortable situation. To help you experience true happiness with yourself and your life, rather than believing what isn’t true to experience a happiness which truly isn’t there.

This is simply another form of fear that can hinder us from living our lives to its full potential and fulfillment; fear of failure, fear of hurt, fear that comes when there is no sense of security in your life.

When people tell you the truth, take their advice, and not just take it, DO IT. Even if you believe it isn’t true still question it, ask yourself: ‘could they be right’, ‘am I really who they say I am or am not’. Ask others if they believe the same about you or your situation, be careful not to ask people who will tell you what you want to hear, just because it sounds good doesn’t mean it is good.

Also, know how to differentiate between constructive truth/criticism and destructive truth/criticism. Constructive is when a person will tell you what is wrong and how to go about fixing it and helping you to be a better person; destructive is when a person tells you what is wrong and condemns you for it.

So in essence don’t be afraid to hear and follow the truth, because with the truth you will grow into a more beautiful person than you were before and could ever imagine you could be.


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