About Author

A common question that is often asked is "Why did you start J-ReP?" I believe the answer to this question pretty much answers who I am as a person.

When I was an adolescent one thing that always upset me was the fact that so many people were suffering, and those who had the wealth and power to do something about it wouldn't. Back then I prayed to God and asked that if He gave me the resources I needed to do something about it then I would make it my purpose and mission in life to...7 years later He gave me J-ReP.

I hate suffering and I hate to see people unhappy. I believe that something great exists in all of us, yet so many people are yet to realize it; this is what I want to bring to the forefront of their consciousness. I think this is what drives me everyday, doing what I do, just so that I can see everyone living a better life of fulfillment, meaning and happiness.

I am a very religious person and believe very much in God and Jesus, and I am not afraid to say so. Not because the church says I should, but because I believe and know I should, as I have had many encounters with God and see Him as my closest friend more than anything else. Someone who I speak with constantly, and laugh with all the time, and has never once told me no to anything that I ask, as long as it is to my benefit and the benefit of others.

This is the reason why I may mention God in several of my posts. My intention is to pay great homage to God, for bringing me to the point of joy, happiness self-realization, and fulfillment I am at right now, where I can impact others positively. Hence, it is not to force my religious beliefs unto anyone, for I believe everyone is entitled to believe what they want to, or don't want to, and to follow their own path. It is not any authority given to me to dictate to anyone who or what they should believe in, that right is only left to God. My purpose here is not to convert anyone to Christianity but to allow God's love and truth to be represented and manifested through me, through my actions. Therefore, I respect the character of a man and not his religious beliefs; once you are a person of honesty, loyalty, integrity and sincerity then that is what matters the most to me. Consequently, I would ask all to show the same respect which is given.

I am a compassionate person, maybe more than I allow others to see or believe, but you are who you are and that will never change, so I will be that person of compassion for the world to see.

I value friendship, family, and people who seek the well-being of others above themselves...these are the things I cherish the most, and look for in others who I consider close to me.

Apart from that I am pretty much the same like everyone else, there is nothing different or special about me, I just chose to take the steps necessary to see a world I want everyone to live in.

All the Best.