Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 is YOURS for the taking!!

It’s 2011 and yet the beginning of a brand new year, filled with brand new opportunities. This time last year I remember encouraging everyone (as I always do) to be positive throughout the year of 2010. This year I have a different message, a more powerful message, a more meaningful message, one that I know everyone can relate to and appreciate.

I believe strongly that 2011 is the year of Realized Dreams (take note of the capitalization). I believe this is the year that any and everything is more than possible, not just possible but more than possible. I don’t know why and I can’t explain it, but I have been feeling this way for months leading towards the end of 2010. Maybe God is trying to tell me something to tell you, I don’t know, all I do know is this isn’t an ordinary feeling.

So my advice to you for 2011 is realize your dreams, it’s as simple as that. For 2011 take the steps to realize every dream you have, had, think of having, because this is the year dreams will be realized.

If you have a dream stick with it, because by the end of 2011 you’re going to see that dream made reality or being made into a reality. No matter how hard it gets and how much you may be tempted to give up, just stick it through to the end because this year all the struggles and setbacks you have been experiencing will be worth it and will come to an end.

If you had a dream that somewhere along life you gave up on for whatever reason, go search for that dream and start putting things in place to make it happen again, because this year it will be happening for you. You just have to have more faith in yourself than anyone has in you that you can make it work, because in the end if you can’t believe it will work, and believe you can’t make it work, it won’t, so believing is the first step.

For those who don’t yet have a dream…you should. Don’t despair though, it’s never too late to have a dream, the most important thing is to have a dream and to follow through with that dream. Life without a dream is like a body without a heart and soul, just an empty shell that exists but has never lived.

Remember: whoever said being a dreamer isn’t realistic has never had a dream before, so they don’t know what it’s like living in a world of happiness they created.

All the Best.

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