Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Move From Yes I Can to Yes I Must!

Everyone has the “Yes I Can” syndrome, which has been popularized by Obama himself. It is wonderful that we all think we can, but thinking we can isn’t enough. In order to truly be successful, to truly ascertain greatness we must have a Yes I Must! mentality…but what does this truly mean?

We all can, this is nothing new. Our ability and capability to ‘can’ do something is embedded in all of us, physically, mentally, and intellectually. This is by God’s design. We ‘can’ all have the same physical capabilities and limitations that the human body possess. We ‘can’ all have the same mental capacity and limitations that our brains will allow. Also, we ‘can’ all have the same intellectual opportunities for growth and development through mentorship, schooling, research and reading. Suffice to say we are not short on the “cans”.

We must now learn to think and exist beyond simply ‘can’ into ‘must’. We all ‘can’, but too often we never do until our ‘can’ becomes our ‘could’. “I could have done it too”, “I could have achieved it as well”, but the thing is we never do. It is the ‘must’ that will drive us to that success and greatness, because it is our ‘must’ that will motivate us beyond “I can” to the very end, no matter what is before us or what it takes. Our ‘must’ is our reason for doing what we do, our reason for striving and persevering day in and day out, ensuring we achieve what we are aspiring to. The ‘must’ isn’t as fickle as the ‘can’; the ‘can’ is easily broken by fear, hardships, doubt, and lack of…whatever it is that you may be lacking. However, the ‘must’ doesn’t take these factors into consideration, because for the ‘must’ there only exists At Any Cost! There are no excuses for failure or acceptance of it and it is not broken by any external factors.

Giving a better description of the ‘must’: it is a powerful reason, it is a burning and a yearning, it has to be something that if you don’t accomplish it, if you don’t do it, it will drive you close to insanity (trust me I know). You have to find a reason that is meaningful and powerful enough to drive you right through; All Go, No Quit! Your ‘must’ could be you have to get out of poverty because you can’t see yourself spending another day suffering in the life of the ‘have-not’. It could be you have to succeed because you’re family is depending on you to make it work because you’re the breadwinner, so it just has to work. Another ‘must’ could be that you just have to do it because it’s your love and burning passion and not being able to would be like suffocating between closing walls. It doesn’t matter what your ‘must’ is. Whatever it may be it has to be strong enough and powerful enough to break from, and overcome whatever is holding you back from achieving success, be it fear, doubt, or naysayers; whatever!

Point to remember when choosing your ‘must’ is: it holds greater power when it is selfless, because it is easy to disappoint ourselves, but even harder to disappoint the ones we love.

Those who understand know what it means to have a ‘must’. Whatever you’re thinking of achieving in your life, your goals and aspirations, develop the habit of changing your mindset from a “Yes I Can” to a Yes I Must! Find your strong and powerful ‘must’ and constantly keep it in mind. This will be your driving force to success in whatever you choose to do.

It all depends on you and no one else. Live that dream.

All the Best.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We Need Problems

Now that I’ve gotten your attention…

It sounds crazy but it’s true, we need problems, and as much as we might hate them we need them.

You’re having one of the best moments of your life that you’ve ever experienced in a long time or ever at all. Everything seems perfect, life couldn’t be sweeter. For the first time in a long while you feel like things are finally starting to go your way, then without notice PROBLEM! Unexpectedly it happens and because it happened so quickly you didn’t know how to react. You didn’t have time to plan for it, you didn’t think it could ever happen to you, things were so great, now it seems like the worse moment of your life. Depression, frustration, stress, deprivation, they all start to settle in one by one, and you’re sure dying could be better than what you’re going through right now.

Yet…we need problems. Why?

Problems make us Stronger. You ever had a problem and it just completely drained every single being of your existence? Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, it just completely drained you. The burden was so much on you that your body began feeling weak, your mind drifted and suddenly you felt as though every part of you is here and yet you are not. Yet there exists that moment, that simple moment when you don’t know how and you don’t know where, but somehow you found the solution to that problem. Suddenly you felt as though you could lift the world on your shoulders, and certain things that made you feel useless and helpless can be conquered with a mere thought. You feel as though you could walk into an arena with a battle axe and defeat the greatest foe. You feel stronger than you’ve ever been. Why? Because strength is derived from adversity; the more difficult the problem, the stronger you will become once you’ve overcome it.

Problems make us more Courageous. Problem hits; you’re worried, you’re anxious, you’re fearful. This is only because you don’t know what to do, and that’s okay. We aren’t going to always know what to do, and when we don’t we feel completely helpless to the situation, and fear what will result because of our helplessness. Now you’ve stopped, thought about it, and decided that you didn’t want to be fearful or feel helpless and you found a way to solve the problem. It worked! Suddenly you feel relieved, you feel confident, you feel as though you have the courage to conquer any problem that confronts you. Why? Because you have now realized that fear doesn’t solve problems, courage to face the fear and the problem does. The more you face them and succeed the more courage you will develop to conquer any problem you are faced with.

Problems make us more Determined. How? Because we need problems to become better individuals. Problems also exist to make us wiser and not repeat past mistakes, and also drives us incredibly to achieving greater than we ever thought possible, just so we won’t have the discomfort of experiencing certain problems ever again.

Problems make us Grow. When you are faced with a problem that you solved, it inevitably makes you (1).Stronger, (2).Wiser, (3).More courageous, (4).More determined, and (5).Gives you a greater appreciation for who you are and what you are capable of doing. Take note of the wording used stronger, wiser, more courageous, more determined, gives you a greater appreciation. In case you didn’t notice you are now better than you were before; a more valuable person to yourself and others than you were before. That is what truly represents growth and personal development, the ability to be a better person than you were before.

Did I mention it makes life more Exciting. Imagine how dull life would be without its little dramas to knock us out of our comfort zones, to get up, and make a better person out of ourselves.

That problem that you’re running from, fearing, or worrying about is there to uncover the person who you truly are. That coal that laid beneath the earth waiting to be mined and refined into the finest diamond. To be strengthened, encouraged, to grow, and imparted with greater knowledge and determination.

Problems suck, they’re the worse, but in life even the worse of things can end up being the best of things, you just have to look for the best in every situation.

Remember: Every problem has a solution, every problem has a purpose.

All the Best.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 is YOURS for the taking!!

It’s 2011 and yet the beginning of a brand new year, filled with brand new opportunities. This time last year I remember encouraging everyone (as I always do) to be positive throughout the year of 2010. This year I have a different message, a more powerful message, a more meaningful message, one that I know everyone can relate to and appreciate.

I believe strongly that 2011 is the year of Realized Dreams (take note of the capitalization). I believe this is the year that any and everything is more than possible, not just possible but more than possible. I don’t know why and I can’t explain it, but I have been feeling this way for months leading towards the end of 2010. Maybe God is trying to tell me something to tell you, I don’t know, all I do know is this isn’t an ordinary feeling.

So my advice to you for 2011 is realize your dreams, it’s as simple as that. For 2011 take the steps to realize every dream you have, had, think of having, because this is the year dreams will be realized.

If you have a dream stick with it, because by the end of 2011 you’re going to see that dream made reality or being made into a reality. No matter how hard it gets and how much you may be tempted to give up, just stick it through to the end because this year all the struggles and setbacks you have been experiencing will be worth it and will come to an end.

If you had a dream that somewhere along life you gave up on for whatever reason, go search for that dream and start putting things in place to make it happen again, because this year it will be happening for you. You just have to have more faith in yourself than anyone has in you that you can make it work, because in the end if you can’t believe it will work, and believe you can’t make it work, it won’t, so believing is the first step.

For those who don’t yet have a dream…you should. Don’t despair though, it’s never too late to have a dream, the most important thing is to have a dream and to follow through with that dream. Life without a dream is like a body without a heart and soul, just an empty shell that exists but has never lived.

Remember: whoever said being a dreamer isn’t realistic has never had a dream before, so they don’t know what it’s like living in a world of happiness they created.

All the Best.

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