Monday, March 15, 2010

The Lessons Learnt

Lesson-“A period of learning or teaching”

This is the definition I got from the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, but what does it really mean. “A period” would suggest a time span, a particular moment when learning begins and learning ends. Still, understand that learning never ends, just the lesson taught ends so that another learning process can begin. “Learning” suggests that you are the pupil, the one being taught, and “teaching” suggests that there is a tutor instructing the pupil on the lesson.

I often say that experience is the greatest teacher. Not our lecturers, not books, not the educational process of formal education, but experience. It is the teacher of the most important lesson anyone will have to learn and that is life. Many have survived without the guidance of lecturers, or even knowing how to read, or having the opportunity to get a formal education, but none of us can surviving without learning or knowing about life.

For what does it mean to learn about life? In my opinion it means trying and failing, it means falling and rising, it means living and dying. It is about the things that help us to become better individuals through growth and prosperity. I know this because this is something I had learnt first hand. My many mistakes, failures and hurts in life have led me to become the person I am today, and because of this I am forever grateful for every ‘bad’ experience that has happened that has led me to become a person of growth and inner prosperity, this accomplished with the epiphanic self realization moment of my life.

Regretfully, many people fear these things. Many are afraid of change, of hurt, of sacrifice and failure from sacrificing, simply because of the pain that comes with. I would hope and pray that everyone should endure such a pain, if even for a moment, because I simple joy it brings to truly grow into a person far superior than what you ever thought you could become; such a beautiful thing that it would even bring tears to my eyes.

For what about those who say they have learnt the lesson, but never really understood the lesson that was meant to be taught, I pity them even more. If one truly understood the lesson, then one would be enlightened by its wisdom and would seek further and deeper understanding of that wisdom. They would crave to know more, and with greater wisdom comes greater understand and growth of self. Even more so, if the lesson was learnt then there would exist a change in mind and thought, for the fool who learns to walk in the way of the wise will not continue to walk in the way of the fool, but would now walk wisely. In a sense, a person who has truly learnt the lesson will know change from their old ways of mediocrity and hopelessness, and begin walking a different path, and thinking a different thought and talking a different tongue. Many will realize the change in you, because that change now radiates outward into the world.

This now is truly evident of a person’s wisdom and growth, truly evident of one who has learnt the lesson taught.

So my question remains, have you truly leartn the lesson taught?

All the Best.

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