Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Gift of Self Realization

The greatest and most rewarding gift one can give to his/herself is self realization.

For it is not something that can be bought or taught; it does not exist in a book nor can the wisest of men impart knowledge of how to become self realized. For men will wonder through life, aimlessly and without purpose, not knowing what tomorrow truly holds for them, or why they are here.

The will be like a leaf in the wind, broken away from the tree and carried to the north and to the south, then to the east and then the west, never knowing their finally destination.

They will live the life of a simple-minded fool who thinks he is in control of his own destiny, yet is completely dictated by the oppressive hands of society, and led to their own destruction by the company of fools. They will have no identity, nor individuality; they will only be what they are told to be not what they are meant to be.

They will believe what they are told to believe, and act how they are told to act. They will move to the left into a fiery death, and step to the right into the depths of a watery grave.

They will stand for nothing and fall for everything. They will live for nothing and die for anything, for they have no identity of their own, so they do not know which to be, and lack the wealth of the world gained through wisdom.

They will be led away in ships of slavery without even know they are enslaved; for they walk the streets with a crowd of fools and do not know if they are moving to the left or to the right, only that they are moving. They do not sit on the mountain tops looking down to seek the most fruitful path.

For a wise man remembers the past, is aware of the present and prepares for the future. For in the past mistakes are made and great wisdom comes from foolish mistakes when the lesson is learnt; he knows his present so that he is knowledgeable of the works of evil men and strays from the taint of their unrighteousness, nor will he be apart of a company of fools and be misled by them; still, he is mindful of the future for he knows as the past was once present and now a distant imagery of what was, so will present times be known by men and women of tomorrow’s generation. For a fool is not aware of these things, the fool easily forgets the past, and blots it from his mind, hence he will make the same mistakes and will continually fall to his own destruction without realizing it; he will not think of the future for he believes there is enough time in the present to worry about the ‘what if’ of tomorrow; so he lives for the moment, for the present, uselessly wondering, not knowing if he should go to the left nor to the right, nor to the north or south, nor to the east nor west, but he spins in a circle with no direction, without realizing it.

To be self realized is to be free, it is to own yourself and your life, it is to have an identity and to walk in the path and purpose that was meant for you. It is to realize the trueness of your greatness within, knowing that you can command the world and bend the universe to your every wish as it pleases God. For no one can dictate to you who you are, for you will proclaim to them who you are and who you can make them become if it pleases God, for it is your world and you command it as a general in an army. Confidence becomes second nature and boldness is your company. For now you step in the ways of great kings before you. You know no folly and you scorn the sight of mediocrity, many will say “truly he is a great figure amongst average men”, standing out in all your glory that is given to you by God. That even when they tell you “no you cannot, nor can you be”, you will say to them “I think, therefore I am”.

All the Best.

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