Monday, April 19, 2010

Your True Value Within

"My mother and father taught me that we were all the same, nobody was better than anyone else and everybody was to be equally valued," says Donna Duncan-Scott, Group Executive Director, Culture & Leadership Development at Jamaica Money Market Brokers Ltd.

When I first saw her interview it was unbelievably long and my first thought was, “There’s no way I’m reading this to the end”. I became captivated by the interview and hung to her every word that it soon became, “Wow I can’t believe it’s over already”. See the interview here:

With that being said, let me say what I came here to say, and that ultimate is you are only as valuable as you think you are on the inside.

In a world that is conditioned to think that financial wealth and status determines your worth, I am here to tell you this is merely a fallacy. It is because of this fallacy many people think striving for financial or higher socio-economic status and recognition will allow others to see their true worth. Your worth isn’t determined by how much money you have or make, your qualification or achievements or who knows you. You were the same person before that you are now before all the unrealized wealth and status, you just haven’t discovered it yet.

Furthermore, your true worth cannot be determined by others, this is a perception, and perceptions will forever differ. A perception simply means this is how they see you not necessarily who you truly are. Your true worth can only be determined and exemplified by you. If you begin to believe that you are worth more than what others say and even more than what you believe then eventually it will begin to manifest itself and now your perceived value will no longer be determined or differentiated by others, but defined by you and they must now respect that truly this is who you are and this is what you are worth.

It starts with a thought, consciously believing that you are worth more than you are. With that conscious belief you will begin to personify or show this belief in everything that you do. From that this is where the manifestation begins and eventually others will begin to see your true worth as you have defined it.

Ladies and gents trust me, believing that your worth can only come about through wealth, status, or being with another or by others is like a hollow tree. On the outside it seems firmly rooted and flourishing, but one swing of an axe and it will shatter before everyone in all its supposed glory before it even has the chance to hit the ground. In other words, believing that your worth is determined by tangible or intangible possession and gain will quickly see you falter when it truly comes to the test.

In order to establish your true worth it has to come from within, and that means building a substantial inner strength and depth and wholeheartedly knowing that this is who you are, understanding what you are truly worth and excelling at it in everything you seek to do and accomplish.

God made us all equal, I know it sounds corny but I’m teaching you truth…God made us all equal so there is no reason to believe someone else’s worth and value is more than your own.

Whatever you think you are so you shall be. In the words of RenĂ© Descartes “I Think, There I Am”.

All the Best.

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