Thursday, April 22, 2010

The 6th Sense

There are actually 6 senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing, and the one that most people are unfamiliar with which is sense of self. Ironically, this is the one that is most important to our survival and intellectual and personal sustenance, yet is completely ignored by many.

Why do I say it is the most important? Consider this: if you lose your sight you can still function, you can still use your now enhanced hearing capabilities as a substitute for your eyes, in a sense. If you lose all taste in your mouth there still exists speech, likewise if your hearing is lost your eyes can still direct you. Evidently, two things are obvious, (1). We are aware of the any of the five senses we lose because they have a direct impact on our daily functions, and (2). If we lose one then the others can now be brought into greater proportion to substitute for the one that is lost. Theoretically, any of the five are obsolete and replaceable.

However, our sense of self is the most delicate of the five, partly because it is the one that can never be substitute, but more importantly because it is the one we are most unaware of, which is the most dangerous.

In a book I’m currently working on I speak about how the sub-conscious level of our minds are the most dangerous and hazardous to us, not because it can strike you down at any minute but because we don’t even know it exists. Put it this way, if you’re blind you are aware that you are blind and learn to read Braille or carry a blind stick or seeing-eye dog. If you’re dumb you learn sign language as an alternate means of communication. However, if you’re unaware that your 6th sense which is sense of self is also broken then how can you fix it? If you don’t believe it is broken then why would you make an attempt to fix it in the first place; this is the reason why it is the most hazardous. It is like cancer on the inside, if you have lung cancer but are unaware that you do, how will you know to go to the doctor to get treatment? So what happens is the cancer destroys your body from the inside, and by the time you realize you have cancer it would be too late.

Unawareness of self affects the same way; it affects the cognitive or mental aspect of your consciousness, mind or brain, whichever term suits you best. You don’t know that you are unhealthy mentally from lack of self awareness so you don’t go to get it fix. This in turn causes indirect depression and feelings of low self esteem and self worth. When you have finally realized, you have already spent 3 quarters of your life in a place that you don’t want to be that makes you unhappy. Figuratively you’re already dead as your personal worth and non-fulfillment now becomes evident.

Bringing the sub-conscious or unawareness into awareness or consciousness allows us to fully heal and fully realize our potential. Becoming fully realized brings peace and happiness. We are rigorously brainwashed by a society that believes and depicts that educational achievement, wealth, or status brings peace and happiness, sadly many of us aren’t even aware of it.

I could be broke with absolutely no university or college background and no one knows or cares who I am and I will forever be happy if I can sit all day and write poems, which is a favourite hobby of mine. Why? Because it brings fulfillment. It will seem weird to most but only those who are aware of self and know who they are, what they stand for, and what they want out of life which isn’t defined or determined by the majority can understand such a concept, and what a brilliant concept it is indeed.

Consequently, I will continue to preach the importance of self realization, aka sense of self, aka the 6th sense, aka knowing your greatness, aka your value within, aka knowing yourself and your worth until everyone gets it. They all ultimately lead to the same thing, inner prosperity and fulfillment which is where true happiness and peace of mind lies.

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