Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ending the Cries of a Nation

With the kidnapping and killing of innocent children, and the skyrocketed murder rate engulfing Jamaica, it seems everyone is now realizing that Jamaica has gotten to a state of desperation that only God can truly set things right in our nation.

Unfortunately, many fail to see that the state the country is currently in is not by mere coincidence; these are the last days and things are only about to get worse. Even more so while everyone is waiting on God to finally intervene and stop the suffering, God is still waiting on us to give our lives to Him. What this means is that God is waiting on us to come back to Him, to come back to a life of righteousness and uprightness before He will truly choose to do something about the current state the country is in.

Why does a country whose national anthem starts with Our Father bless our land, guide us with thy mighty hand, or a pledge that starts Before God and all mankind, I pledge the love and loyalty of my heart, is filled with so much violence, hatred, and ungodliness? Why is it so difficult for us to turn to God completely for help? Why is God the last place we choose to look for redemption and restoration?

God is not an object to be picked up and used whenever we see fit. To cry to and pray to when things are at its worse and then as soon as things are well again we forget about Him and go back to living our own lives. Just put yourself in His shoes; I am sure that no one wants to be used and only remembered when someone wants something from us. I am sure as humans after awhile we will begin to refuse helping those who use us and turning a blind eye and ear to helping those in need that take advantage of our kindness.

God does not like to see us suffer; sadly, as human beings lessons are better learned through hardships and pain. Furthermore, I can say that things are only about to get worse. The only reason why they have not as yet is God’s love and mercy for us. He is still holding back, but we all need to ask ourselves: how long will God be willing to hold back?

God is waiting to see how long we will wait before finally turning our lives over to Him and truly trusting Him to deliver Jamaica. He wants desperately to take Jamaica out of its current distress. However, He will not until we have come back to Him, not just until things get better but stay in Him even after.

So the question remains: how bad must things become before we finally begin turning our lives completely to God and trusting in Him?

I am not here to tell anyone how to live their lives, all I am doing is cautioning everyone. If you want things to change then something has to be sacrificed. Do not expect to live your lives the way you currently are filled with unrighteousness and expect God to intervene and change things around for the better.

So the choice is up to you, what will you choose?

All the Best.


  1. And i will tell you something.... God helps those who help themselves..... Don't expect the big man Upstairs to come down and help anybody when the people themselves are completely ignorant of whats going on....cuz if that were the case, history would repeat itself over and over again..... Don't look to god to get jamaica out of the mess its in.... If you want the REAL solution to the problem, you need not look further than your own mirror....

  2. I agree totally, but this statement goes for every country in the world..

  3. The thing with us is we keep blaming everyone or everything else except ourselves. We caused ourselves to be where we are now. If we cared about our country and our kids we would have started to take things more seriously and do the right thing. But we have simply lived double standardly, accept mediocrity, foolishness, excuses, laziness, etc. We don't demand that our leaders respect us, we don't demand that they give account for everything they do. We have instead allowed them to take advantage and its now when we are all afraid to leave our houses or things hit close to home or at home that we want a change.

    We cannot continue to live like this.

  4. Yes I agree with the first comment, that people need to start doing and then God will lend a hand, unfortunately majority of Jamaicans have a dependability mentality where we expect others to do for us and not wanting to do for ourselves.

    Yes I do agree that the statement goes for every country, but I must be honest in saying my first love and priority is to Jamaica, I don't like seeing anyone of any nation suffer, but I hate seeing Jamaica suffer even more.

    I also agree with the third statement, this is something I have been condemning for a long time, the acceptance of mediocrity, but the people lack hope and self worth which is why they accept how things are, if they knew we are all destined for something greater no one would be willing to accept any less than their worth, and would even demand that it be so.

    Thank you all for sharing your comments