Thursday, May 27, 2010

Enough is Enough

For years we have endured the hardships, endured the oppression; endured the inequalities and dishonesty that has plagued our nation for years.

I am saddened by what has happened in Tivoli, but as saddened as I am I see that it had to come to this before many woke up to the horrors of our nation, the nation that we live in. It may not be any different than what is happening anywhere else in the world, but it is a reality that finally seems to, and had to hit home before many saw the seriousness of our situation. Not distracted by the trivial that surrounds us each day.

The time has finally come where the people have said enough is enough. Enough to suffering, enough to the crime and violence that has plagued our nation, enough to corrupt politics and politicians, and are finally making their voices known. We have finally stood up and are now in a position to take back our nation as our own.

However, everyone needs to now understand that just saying enough just isn’t enough. We have been given a clear opportunity to set things right and set our country in order, to finally rebuild the future we all wish to see. To realize a new hope and a new frontier stemming amidst the destruction that has encircled us as a nation. Understand that we can’t sit and rely on someone else to do it for us. If you wish to realize and embrace a particular future, our particular future, then we have to be the ones to do the work to see that particular future. Relying on others to realize it for us means that it will not be our future but their future at our expense.

If we follow the waves of history we will realize that over the years depending on politics and politicians to set things right in our own nation has only lead to our own detriment, and as such we can no longer allow a political influence to determine what is best for us, but we must take the mantle and reigns and drive the horse into the direction we wish to go.

We need to change our mindset towards life and situations. No longer talking about the solution, but implementing the solution. Too often I realize that there are too many “experts” and “analysts” and yet no result-oriented and action-driven individuals who are actually doing the action that relates to the solution.

The days of complacency are over, complaining doesn’t solve the problem it furthers the problem. Blaming and finger pointing need to stop, if you aren’t willing to be a part of the solution-driven force then you have no right or reason to be blaming others efforts, but blaming your inaction. Laziness and dependency is our biggest threat, it’s time we stop depending on others to find a solution to our problem, and for them to create our future, it’s time we found and created our own.

Finally, working together towards a common goal and a common future is the most important. For one, one person cannot do it by his or herself, it must be a combined effort and all of us making that contribution necessary to seeing it happen. Two, we have to work together towards the same end, because if the goal is not shared then there will be division and confusion bringing us back to square one. Three, we must all feel as though we have a part to play and not that some individual’s solutions are better than others, it is a ‘our future’ effort, not a ‘my future’ effort. Hence, we must all feel as though we have a part to play to shape the future of our nation, and we should take the responsibility and play that part.

God has given us this once in a lifetime opportunity to set things right and through His divine power and Will Jamaica Reformation Project for one will be there to answer that call and wish you would as well.

Share this and let the people know…The time is now!

All the Best.

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