Thursday, June 3, 2010

Limit your Limitations

How many of you believe that you have inadequacies as human beings? I’ll put up my hand first because I have a lot.

I can’t run very fast, especially with this old man leg, so running for Jamaica is out; I’m not really on the tall side so that pretty much rules out basketball for me; heck I pretty much can’t do anything where sports is concerned so let’s forget about that.

What about academics? Well I’ve never been seen as the brightest of my class during any of my years in school, whether primary all the way to tertiary, though I was never considered a dunce either. I guess I fell somewhere at average, maybe a C average. I’m probably one of the worse at maths, don’t do the sciences very well, plus I hate reading so most other areas are pretty much downhill from there.

What about personal skills? I can’t dance, can’t sing, well I cook a little but that’s just for survival rather than creating delectable exquisite meals. I’m not very outgoing, charismatic or have any sort of outstanding personality that draws people to me. Not the cutest guy but I’m alright I guess.

I guess it can be said that I pretty much can’t do anything and worth absolutely nothing. L

However, I am considered by others to be someone of wisdom and intelligence beyond my years (praise be to God), good analytical skills; good writing skills, good listener too; pretty compassionate, and a bit of a perfectionist.

With what little I have I am able to start a foundation that will inspire change and hope in Jamaica. I’m not good at IT or anything too technical but I love Marketing and will use my intelligence and analytical skills to become one of the greatest Marketers the world has ever known. With my love for writing I can create beautifully poetry and books that will inspire the greater good of mankind. People will compare me to a Martin Luther King, a man of legend and revolution. I would even be so bold as to say I may become even greater.

What was the purpose of this exercise? It is to show everyone that if you spend time focusing on only your limitations and inadequacies as a person you will never be able to tap into your greatness and extract your true potential.

It is obvious that my inadequacies far exceed and outweigh my capabilities; by most or even everyone they would be seen as pointless and meaningless, that I am someone with absolutely no talent, no skill and hence no future. Yet, with the limited capabilities that I possess I have the potential to become one of the greatest men of all time. This is because I do not waste my time focusing on what I can’t do, but spend my time focusing on what I can do, and how I can use that to my benefit to excel at what I choose to do.

You can do this too. Learn to Limit your Limitations and you will excel at what you do:

  1. Focus Correctly: Stop focusing on your inadequacies, and what others can do that you cannot; instead identify and focus on what you can do
  2. Do not tell yourself that you cannot: Tell yourself that you can become better than you are now, by reinforcing this, it conditions your mind to believe it can and soon after the action follows…negative reinforcement, negative actions; positive reinforcement, positive actions
  3. Work on your talent: Practice your talent everyday or as often as possible so you can perfect it; as the saying goes “practice makes perfect”
  4. Exceed your Perfection: Once you feel you have reached your talent’s peak of perfection, think of new ways to surpass it mentally, physically and practically

These steps will ultimately lead to you putting a limit on your limitations, so that you can surpass even your own possibilities and expectations. Never stop at what you believe you can accomplish, always seek to go beyond them.

Be careful not to become distracted by the accomplishments of others. Being distracted by others accomplishments will quickly lead to a sense of inadequacy, which will generate feelings of failure and eventually quitting.

Remember, it’s not who finishes first but who finishes best.

All the Best.

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