Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blessed 2009 and a Prosperous 2010

“Blessed 2009 and a Prosperous 2010”, this was the message that was sent out from the J-ReP group at the beginning of 2010.

I was scrolling though the internet and I came across the message on one of my good Facebook friend’s blog Lady Mystery ( While reading through the message I realized the word ‘new’ was repeated several times throughout the message, “New Year”, “new beginnings”, “new, better things to come”, “new people”. As I said the word ‘new’ appeared several times throughout the message, and more than once in the same instances.

It wasn’t so much the word but more the significance of the message that touched me deeply, which was surprising to me since I was the one who wrote it. Still, looking back at the message and its significance I began to realize a lot. I began realizing that this isn’t just another message but it is symbolic of what we must become in order to see that prosperity that we are so hopeful for in 2010 onwards. I also realized that it wasn’t so much that we needed to change but more that we needed to become renewed, in every sense of the word. Renewed in our mindset, our approach to life, and in everything that we do, in other words becoming new people. Finally, I realized that with the recent development in Tivoli Gardens a lot has been happening as it relates to reform and renewing of our sweet Jamaica, and more importantly the people.

A lot is being put in place in ensuring that renewed Jamaica. I was particular pleased at how more Jamaicans are standing firm and stepping up to the plate of being that change that they want to see, and it warmed my heart deeply. I feel as though indirectly, our message had began to sweeten the air and new life had been blown into the lungs of our people. I can honestly and confidently say that now I am seeing where the people have begun taking the necessary actions, and suffice to say I am pleased.

I read further in the message and it states, “However, our efforts are pointless without the proper support in place, as all of you are our strength. Consequently, we are counting on everyone to offer support where they see possible. J-ReP is dedicated to seeing a positive change in our nation and the world, but first it needs to start with each of us.” Then I realized though we have began taking the necessary steps in realizing that change, there is still a lot that needs to be done.

As the message said “…you are our strength…we are counting on everyone to offer support…first it needs to start with each of us”. We must now realize that our greatest strength will not come from within, but from our collective efforts. Our greatest support does not come from within, but from our collective support. In order to see this collective approach working it needs to start with each of us.

This is not the time to take a laid back approach to our vision of change. The path has already been set and cleared for us to put in the ground work that is needed in realizing New Jamaica, but it cannot be a ‘some of us’ initiative it has to be a ‘all of us’ one.

This is why I am again imploring everyone to be hopeful and hold the faith that God has given us this opportunity to make things right, and make it right we shall, but we have to be willing to put in the work. Change never came from being laid back and comfortable; true change takes hard work, sacrifice and selflessness as I am sure history has proven time and again.

Though it may not be prosperous…yet, we are indeed all blessed to have been given this opportunity to make it so.

I believe, and will continue believing until it is made real with my dying breath that this prosperity and change will indeed be realized.

Will you believe with me?

All the Best.

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