Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finding Purpose

Everyone has a purpose, and within each person purpose exists, it’s just a matter of discovering what your purpose is.

As insignificant as you may think you are we all have a purpose. We are here, living, breathing, existing, and the mere fact that we are means that God wants us to realize and complete our purpose to our fullest potential. We are all born with gifts that will enable us to unlock our purpose hidden within us. Never believe that you cannot change the world around you as you wish, for this is what purpose does. Purpose gives the power to influence your environment, however immediate or distant for the better of everyone and yourself. We were all meant for greater, sadly most never realize it, and live their entire life meaninglessly and missed out on their purpose.

Purpose is not acquiring wealth, or the things of the earth, for if it only benefits one person then you have yet to discover what your true purpose is. True purpose uplifts and empowers not only yourself to greatness, but also the people around you to unlock their potential as well…this is how powerful purpose is.

Purpose helps you to grow into someone of fulfillment. By taking the steps in discovering and accomplishing your purpose, you begin adding meaning to your life. It means that you know your reason for your existence, in a sense the meaning to life. With meaning comes value, you begin to feel as though your life is worth something more, that you are contributing and shaping the very world, and with this comes confidence and higher self-esteem. With added value comes fulfillment, you begin to feel an inner peace that you have never experienced before, and no matter how hard life may get, once you fulfill that purpose the peace will forever be with you. Finally, with fulfillment comes happiness, because helping others makes you feel fulfilled which leads to happiness, and I happily challenge anyone who disputes this fact, not theory. Therefore, the more people are helped the more you feel fulfilled and the happier you become, this brings peace of mind. Something that wealth cannot buy and only a handful have obtained; it is quite possibly the greatest of life’s gifts next to life itself.

Purpose helps others to grow into better individuals than they are now. By fulfilling your purpose you begin to touch others around you through your actions. These actions act as agents of positivity that help to uplift and empower others, thus developing them into agents of purpose as well; this extends the chain to others.

Purpose changes the world around you. Through your actions that produce the extended chain, it continues to grow reaching others and spreading throughout the world. If you think about it purpose has been changing the world for years. Ghandi fulfilled his purpose and change the world’s perception of how we interact and communicate with each other; it can be argued he was one of the first agents of positivity and personal development in others. Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King etc. all fulfilled their purpose and led the civil rights movement, liberating the rights for Black people of today…and so on and so forth. Since these agents of purpose fulfilled their purpose, our world has now changed for the better and we are able to enjoy certain freedoms today. Think if they chose not to fulfill their purpose what world would we live in today…it all began with purpose.

Not finding purpose is the same as not finding your reason for existing. It’s pointless to say you are living in the world and not being or becoming an agent of purpose. What is your reason for living, what is your truth, what do you believe, what is your meaning of life? If these are unanswerable questions to you then your existence is wasting away and you should find your purpose.

Be more than a worldly spectator, waiting for your day to come to an end, knowing that all you did was exist, instead of living purposefully.

Help yourself, help others, help the world and discover your purpose.

All the Best.


  1. I believe my existence is a wasted one, i would like to give my life to someone who wants to live and have prayed many times for the creator to end my life and let someone else have it. I see no purpose in me being here and have tried to end my life many times. Everyday is a fight to get through each day. I suffer with depression and feel i'm drain on society.....

  2. Well I don't think your life is a wasted one or else God wouldn't have put you here in the first place; I think you are at a point in your life right now where you're just confused as to what it is you are really suppose to do, that you're not satisfied with your life which is why you feel this way, more so that you get up each day feeling that life has no meaning without realizing it means more than you ever imagined...

    I would love to talk to you about it if you would allow me; you can email me and we can talk...please.