Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Past, Present and Future

This is a sentence I posted on the J-ReP fan page “Look to the past to learn not to regret, live the present with a mission not in a moment, see the future as your destined greatness not as your destined mediocrity”

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This sentence goes a lot deeper than mere words are able to express, because it pretty much speaks about life; it speaks about what separates men and women of greatness and legacy from those are a simply seen as ‘average’; here today gone tomorrow.

Let’s take some time to break down each line “Look to the past to learn not to regret…” I think too often we are caught up with focusing on the past: past mistakes, past failures, past painful incidents, without realizing that the past is not a place that is meant for hurtful memories and regret, but is to be used as a lesson to be learnt. If you are still thinking about the past as a hurt rather than a lesson then you have yet to learn what that past was trying to teach you. As I said, it is for learning, not for regretting. It took me a while to truly figure this for myself, because like most people I always saw it as a regret. Then, looking back on my past now, and realizing the person I have become, I now see that the person I have now become is a direct result of my past; not just one situation or incident, but all. I mean I could get into everyone, relationships, family feuds, countless failures etc. I could go into every single one and I could show how it directly links back to how my past helped me to become who I am today. The thing is a lot of us never become the person who we were meant to be because we still have the wrong perception of the past. We are still looking at the pain instead of the purpose; the regret that leads to regress instead of the lesson that leads to progress and growth; the failures as a deterrent from success instead of the failures that had to be mastered in order to discover the formula for success. This is why your perception or mindset of the past is so important to your growth as a person, and your prosperity in life; be it wealth, health (mental and physical), or personal development. The world isn’t different from those who live happy successful lives and those who don’t, the difference is a successful, happy person’s perception and mindset as opposed to a depressed, failure’s perception and mindset, their approaches differ not their environment or situation. This is the key point many people are still missing.

“Live the present with a mission, not in a moment…” There is a saying that says you should always try to live life in the sweetness of the moment, don’t let anyone mislead you with this fairy tale. I believe in living life happily today, each day because you never know what tomorrow will bring. However, there is a difference between living life happily each day and living in the moment each day. People who live life happily are also people who have a plan…this is their mission. They know who they are or what they represent, where they want to be in life, how they are going to get there and what do they need to do right now to get there. Hence, they live in the present but are still aware of the future. The difference is people who live consistently in the moment never have a plan. Why? Because they are too busy living for right now, they don’t think of the past or the future. Therefore, they aren’t learning from what was, nor are they preparing for what needs to be. Take it from me, these are the people who will live a carefree, enjoyable life now, only to live the rest of their lives later on in distress and misery because they have not accomplished and hence have a lowered sense of self worth and value. My thing is how do you want to be remembered? Do you want to be remembered as a person of great accomplishment who helped to change the world? Do you want to be the person who is remembered as a legend who leaves behind a great legacy to his/her name? Or do you want to be “that person who died the other day”? Live with a mission not in the moment.

Finally, “…see the future as your destined greatness, not as your destined mediocrity” You can’t expect anyone to see you as having any worth or value if you’re not willing to see yourself as such first. People will never look on a couch potato and think “Wow! He could become the next Martin Luther or Donald Trump of our time”. You have to see the value in yourself first before others will see it in you. Not only to see that value and greatness, but to actually embody that value and greatness. What do I mean by this? I mean the thought must be accompanied by the action. You have to think it and then do it. Don’t worry about getting it right the first time. Have you ever watched The Matrix? “No one ever makes the first jump”, not even ‘The One’. At some point in time even the greatest in history had to make mistakes. Focus on that greatness, own it, embrace it, reinforce it, and perfect it. Pretty soon people will begin to say “he’s/she’s going to be a man/woman of greatness someday”. You have to see it first before others will.

Learn the past…Live the present…See your destined future.

All the Best.

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