Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finding Peace With Your Past

Our past is the most frightening aspect of life to confront. Reason being our past is usually filled with painful memories that we wish to leave where it suggests…in the past.

How many times have you tried to block out your past only to have it resurface at some point later on in your life? How about turning a blind eye, ear, and mind to anything that reminds you of that painful experience?

Sadly, though past experiences are in the past they never tend to stay in the past. At some point they usual resurface and haunt us, reminding us of the very thing we try so hard to forget and ignore, hoping it will go away.

However, the past is like an enemy on the battlefield, it never goes away until you decide to confront it. Though this is necessary, many find it difficult to do out of fear or anger, so the thought is always “leave it and it will eventually go away, or work itself out”, but the truth is it never will. You have to be willing to face your fears and confront that past in order to rid yourself of that past. Only by accepting the truth, that your past experience happened, it happens to the best of us, then finding ways to work through it or come to terms with it, coming to some sort of closure, will you able to loose whatever control your past holds over your life; finally, laying your past to rest where it belongs, in the past.

If you had a bad past experience with someone, whether they hurt you or you hurt them, try to work things out and express how you feel or finding out how you made them feel, the important thing is to try to come to terms with it and try to finally put some sort of closure to it. When you choose to reconcile and confront someone from a bad past experience the benefit isn’t for them, it is for you. It helps to regain peace of mind so that you may live your present life fulfilled without hindrance from your past life.

Additionally, try to reconcile with yourself. Be willing to face and confront your own demons and issues from your past; the ones that are keeping you from living a happy life, the ones keeping you up at nights, the ones that make you cry or upset even when you really don’t want to be. Be willing to overcome the fear of thinking ‘dealing with it would be a lot harder than simply ignoring it’. By confronting them you not only help get over them, but also you help yourself grow and flourish as a person. Your strength and courage within grows, you learn from your past experiences, and most importantly you learn a lot more about yourself. You learn that you can do what you never thought possible, and become a person of strength you never thought you could.

Confronting your past isn’t as horrific as you may believe, whether you may realize it now or not, not confronting your past is really doing a lot more harm than good. The longer you take to come to some sort of closure with your past, the longer and harder it will be to do, and the longer you will live your life in anger and despair.

It will never get better by ignoring it, only by confronting it.

Reconcile with others for your peace of mind; reconcile with yourself to grow into a better person.

All the Best.

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