Friday, July 30, 2010

Not An Easy Road

Before I even begin with this week’s post.

Everyone by now knows that song “Billionaire” by Travie (real name Travis) McCoy right? Of course you do. Even if you didn’t want to know it you were forced to, like me. I hear that song consistently, continuously, constantly, every single day, just because someone in the office has it as their ringtone. So before I knew the song, I knew the song, if you know what I mean. Thanks to Facebook, people were making the intro and chorus their Facebook statuses long before I even heard about this song. Even long after, I didn’t pay much attention to it until two days ago I actually listened to the entire song and watched the video to see what the big deal was about with this song. I liked it to say the least, apart from the fact it is annoyingly catchy that you can’t help but listen, it is more so the story behind the song.

It is about 4 guys, excluding the artists, who find themselves struggling to achieve a goal they each have. One wants a new skateboard, one wants a tin of spray can to finish a mural, one needs a ride to get to somewhere, and one is an aspiring DJ (disc jockey). I want to pay particular attention to the guy who is the aspiring DJ. Notice in the video the aspiring DJ is trying to make his way, yet no one pays him any attention, outright ignores and scorns him, because…well…he’s a nobody, why should they care. Yet, as discouraged and frustrated as he is (seen by his facial expression) he doesn’t stop or gives up. He endures to the very end. Finally, he gets a chance and proves himself worthy, and now he’s the talk of the town playing at a big party and everyone knows him and loves him (notice all the girls now around him). It’s the fairy tale story we all love and wish we had, that happy ending.

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Now to the post.

Everyone wants to be “the Billionaire, buy all the things they never had”. Not necessarily because they have a reason to want to become a Billionaire but because they see others having and living that lifestyle and wanting to have it as well. Why not, it’s a good look that looks good. Still, how many know what it really takes to become a Billionaire. When I speak about becoming a Billionaire I’m not necessarily referring only to that, but using it to show my point, it could be anything one wishes to achieve. The thing is becoming a Billionaire sounds all nice and well, but what sacrifices would you be willing to make to make it? How hard would you be willing to work to achieve it? How many times would you be willing to hear the word “No”, get discouraged, and still have the determination to continue despite every obvious negative outcome from every possible effort? Truth is not many of us could. It takes a strong will to sacrifice almost everything, work hard, be told “No”, get discouraged and yet still be willing to try. These are the things one has to consider before thinking “the life of a Billionaire is for me.”

I know this isn’t the usual cotton candy “yea go for it” message you’re use to, but it’s truth and reality that some people need to wake them up at times. Many people want this lifestyle and yet only a minute few will achieve it. Too often I see people saying how much they would love to be rich, or have what he/she has, yet when it comes down to putting in the actual work and hours to get it or achieve it all they do is grumble, whine and complain saying it’s too hard…what you thought it was going to be easy? Ask any successful person today who had to work for their achievements what they had to go through to get to where they are, and I guarantee you there were no easy roads there.

This is the underlying message that the song seeks to point out that I’m sure MANY people fail to realize. The fact wasn’t so much that in the end they achieved their respective goals, but the hard work, struggle, disappointment and heartache they had to go through and endure to finally get there in the end, simply because they wanted to be a Billionaire so … bad.

Just as the video showed with the aspiring DJ, most people never see a man in his struggle, they can only see the rewards of his end. This is why so many are drawn to the end without realizing the end comes at a price, which is the struggle and sacrifice.

So before you think you would like to become a Billionaire ask yourself “Would I be willing to do what it takes to make it happen?” If the answer is No maybe being a Billionaire isn’t for you.

Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, it just means realizing that it’s never going to be an easy road, but it is indeed more than possible to become who you want and what you want to achieve.

All the Best.

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  1. Concur. Hard work, consistency and determination goes a far way. Thanks for this post.