Thursday, October 21, 2010

J-ReP Update

I have been asked by several avid J-ReP blog readers why content has not been posted on the blog for awhile. This is a question I wanted to wait before I answered publicly, as I am sure there are those of you who may ask the same.

There are two reasons:

First of all I felt as though the content on the blog was becoming diluted. Diluted in the sense that posting was becoming more of a weekly ritual or formality, just posting because people are expecting to see a post each week, rather than posting content of great value and substance that would be beneficial to any and everyone who chose to read from the blog. In a sense I felt the blog wasn’t accomplishing as much as I wanted it to in transforming people’s lives, so I decided to break until I can get back to that point where content posted is not just words, but has a meaningful, valuable purpose that they fulfill.

Secondly, we think J-ReP has grown to a point online where we need to take it from being simply an online model and now making it an offline model as well, in a sense doing more action than simply saying more words. Our short term vision is to move from just posting on blogs, ‘Weekly Motivationals’, and fan page daily encouragements, and start implementing a lot of the ideas, plans, and programs that have been developed over the course of the past year.

One of the ways in which we have chosen to do this is building a community of other philanthropists and social entrepreneurs who are dedicated to accomplishing what J-ReP hopes to accomplish. Also, creating specific partnerships that will help in the long term growth and development of J-ReP so that certain plans may be executed. I cannot say much about the partnerships just yet, but when the time comes I will announce certain plans that are currently being put in place.

One such plan is partnering with the Planning Institute of Jamaica, more specifically the Vision 2030 management team as their objectives are aligned with ours. Also, expanding the J-ReP network and community and get a lot more influential bodies being a part of what we hope to accomplish. I had a meeting with Charles Clayton and Richard Lumsden, who are the Social Sector Specialist and Programme Manager respectively for Vision 2030 a week ago to discuss ideas J-ReP has, and how we can work together along with PIOJ and other governmental agencies in the same arena to accomplish the future betterment and development of Jamaica, already certain wheels have began turning and we will keep everyone updated as things are happening. If there are any thoughts or ideas that you believe will be beneficial to the development of Jamaica please feel free to send them and I will see if I can get them discussed in any future meetings with the Vision 2030 management team.

With this I ask that you all remember that even though it may seem as if we are silent and stagnant in our efforts we are still working tirelessly behind the scenes to execute every last plan that we have documented for J-ReP in ensuring the future betterment of Jamaica, and we ask for your continued support and assistance in whatever way you may be able to offer it.

Thank you and All the Best.

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  1. I will announce certain plans that are currently being put in place.