Monday, July 19, 2010

Bad Things, Good Reasons

Ever hear someone ask “Why does this always happen to me?” Truth is it doesn’t always happen to you, it always happens to everyone. Everyone at not once, but several points in their lives had some form of bad happen or bad experiences. Even the most successful people today had things go horribly wrong for them before they found that one thing that made things right.

Our circumstance is no different than any other person’s circumstance. It’s just that we tend to focus on the bad that happens to us and the good that happens to everyone else when things go wrong in our lives, hence why we think it always happens to us. If you think about it, have you ever taken the time to think about how things went wrong in your life when they final start going right? Have you ever taken the time to think about how things are going horribly wrong for other people when they are going right for you? This is because we tend to relish in the moments of success, and wallow in the moments of defeat, but never both at the same time.

How about this one, “Bad things happen to good people”, ever heard that one? Well allow me to introduce everyone to a new concept I want you to constantly envision and embrace “Bad things happen to good people for good reasons.” What this means is that just because the situation is bad doesn’t mean that there isn’t some underlying good that will result from that bad situation. In other words, when bad things happen it can be for a good reason.

Here’s the only drawback to this fact, not theory but fact, you’ll never know that it was for a good reason or what that good reason is until long after the bad situation has subsided or gone away. It’s life; it throws you to the sharks first then teaches you how to make sushi after, it’s the toughest teacher you’ll ever meet.

Now it is important to be able to know and understand the good reasons or results that will arise from a bad situation. This is so you can learn better approaches in dealing with bad situations, so they don’t affect you negatively. A bad situation:

Teaches patience

- It teaches us how to wait for the right opportunity that will yield the most desirable results

- It teaches us that even if we try an opportunity and it doesn’t work out, to wait longer for the next opportunity (no matter how long it may take)

- It teaches us that sometimes instead of pushing to find the opportunity, to just sit and wait patiently for it to come to us

- Most importantly it teaches that time is endless, and there is no set time for things to happen, only the perfect time

Teaches humility

- Sometimes the right success at the wrong time gives us a really big head, bad experiences reminds us that we are all human, and as quickly as we rise so quickly can we fall

- It teaches that no matter how great we think we are there is always someone greater, so everyone should be treated equally and with the same respect and consideration

Teaches a way to do it better

- Most times when we succeed the first or second time around we think that this is the best way to get it done, a bad experience trains us to always find a way to do it better than we thought it could have been done

- It teaches us that no matter how perfect it seems, there is always a better way to get it done so take the time to find it

Teaches how to accept failure and defeat

- Failure and defeat are two of the hardest things to accept in any aspect of life, bad experiences teaches us that life isn’t fair and that is the reality, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t a way out for us

- It allows us to see that failure and defeat in life cannot be avoided so it conditions our mind to see them not as deterrents from our goals, but stepping stones to them

Teaches appreciation for success

- It teaches us how to appreciate success; this is important because we learn that the deeper the struggle the greater the feeling that will be had from relishing in the success of your labour

What everyone needs to learn, which is a very important lesson that we tend to forget, is that there is no such thing as a smooth bad-experience free life, and that there will be many rocky and difficult roads to travel.

As a matter of fact, there will be far more bad experiences than good ones, what makes the good ones so wonderful and so much better than the bad is the feeling that comes from knowing that you went through hell to get to where you are, and in the end found your blissful heaven.

All the Best.

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