Thursday, June 3, 2010

Optimistic Realist

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When society has not made you a priority
Then you have to prioritize yourself, earn your wealth
Not just monetary but personally, spiritually
For the wealth of the mind is greater than that on the outside

When I say greatness then most will hate this
Because they try to criminalize the power of the mind
For within all greatness exists, but non-existent to some
Because they’re lead to believe they’re insignificantly done
Insignificant creations but man did not create you
So man cannot persuade you to mediocrity
So open your eyes, still some undermine their very greatness
A dumb-down version of societal idiocy, such hypocrisy
Still I persist to insist that all find their inner optimist
Greatly done…For to be great is not found in some…but all

When I say pursue your passion
Then like Terro 3 I’ll see me heading to the top
But I might drop, might not reach to the top
But I cannot let negative thoughts be my block
But why stop, why not maintain or go beyond
My very expectations, beyond my perceptions
Declared, deceived, defined to me by society
For this is merely a trick on the mind, simply deception
For I know that with my passion comes perfection

When I say within know your true value I know most can’t handle
Because they walk through life, sadness and strife without knowing
Without knowing they’re meant for something greater so I pray that later
Someone will come to realize that true value doesn’t exist on the outside
But within, buried beneath a darkened skin, lightened even just so it’s even

When I say happiness, I know at times I sound like a passivist
Happiness, some seek to search to find true…happiness
A smile all the time without having to read between the lines…happiness
For wealth, for power, for a significant other or brother…happiness
For the materialistic things, for the cars and the blings…happiness
But how many times must I reiterate that true happiness does not come from a mate
Or food on a plate, not from being great or even to consummate
Not even from fast girls and fast life, those will bring additional strife
Not fast money or fast cars, for those will lead to even more scars
Not even from the moon or the stars, but from who you truly are…true happiness

They call me an optimist, I say no, call me an optimistic realist
For I’m hopeful to the true, and pessimistic to the delusionary
I speak confidence in you that is true but still with a bit of imaginary
Planetary, my thoughts are not, so of others it cannot be the same
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Please take time to read the next post, the next presentation
Some say sky’s the limit, I say Limit Your Limitations

…The Intellection

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