Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Dream

The following piece is copyrighted, in order to re-post or use this poem please seek permission from the writer (Winston Henderson)

My eyes wide open, my soul awake
Still my mind wanders from its conscious state
I dream of valleys raised to the highest peaks
And mountains crumble by the stomp of my feet
I dream I could outshine the moon’s enchanted night
And that not even the sun could shine as bright as I might
I dream that when they try to turn my world upside down
That my ascension surpasses beyond even the clouds
I dream that when they enforce their laws and rules
That I an no fool and will walk the path I choose
I dream that I am ridiculed for believing in a future not seen
But because of a dream my universe extends beyond earthly beings
They criticize, scrutinize, try to push my dream aside
But a man who doesn’t realize never had a dream inside
Every dream silly, insane, far from human possibility
But it’s the power of a dream that no one can see but me
Wise men say dreams are stupid, far from the things that are real
But I pity the wise man who lived his life without a dream
For my dream elevates me, my dream sets me free
My dream shows me that I am more than a human being
So they try to hold back my dream, they try to take it away
But no matter how they try my dream will be here to stay
Even when I try, even when I fail
9 times I fall, the tenth shall be my day
Irrational, reckless, belittled more, considered less
But with a dream I am now seen as one of the greatest
Don’t be taken away from your dream for it will set you free
Great men and women had a dream, and they said “It started with me”

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