Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Positive Mind Equals a Positive Life

Have you ever tried to get things going your way only to fail at it and become demotivated? How many times have you tried over and over at a goal only to get the same disappointing result only to think “what’s the point”? How about always feeling lost, depressed, or sad because your life seems to have no real meaning? Even worse when you try to overcome it and it never seems to work.

If what was mentioned sounds like you remotely or completely then you’re simply suffering from a common trait that we all have in common…being human. None of these feelings, thoughts or emotions is uncommon, and despite what many may believe you are not alone. We all experience one or most of these from time to time. If we didn’t then we really wouldn’t be human; to be frank any negative thought or feeling that you may experience is natural because we are human, and humans have feelings of doubt and despair at times.

Then why does it seem to affect some and not others? Simply put, their mindset is what makes the difference; as a matter of fact it’s the only thing that can make that difference. Friends cannot, family cannot. Not even the very much qualified therapist that charges so much to have you talk with him/her can, it is all you and your mindset.

People with a positive mindset demonstrate positive attitudes, and will forever lead positive lives. Not because their life is in a better position than yours, not because of greater success or more money, or because they have the best friends and family support than you do, they simple do because of mindset. These people know that we all go through depressing, disappointing times. They know that it will come to haunt them at some point. However, they also know the difference between allowing themselves to be a victim of depression and disappointment, or of circumstance, and getting back up with a smile and a “never quit” attitude. They know that bad things happen to good people, and they know to accept that, cry if necessary, and move on. They don’t make excuses for any bad situation they encounter, and think “I can’t do anything about it”, “I’ve tried and can’t do it”, “I’m not strong enough” or “It’s too hard for me to do”. They know that this attitude and negative mindset GETS YOU NOWHERE, so STOP MAKING EXCUSES to justify how you feel and why you sit doing nothing about it. Now continue to drill this into your head: mindset, mindset, mindset, don’t stop until it is all you can think about and focus on it.

Now how do you, not anyone else but Y-O-U change your mindset? It’s really simple so you don’t need to put it on your “Things to Do List” all that is required is deciding you want to change your circumstance. You want to control that, and even though you are human and will experience sadness, depression and disappointment, it will not influence how you choose to live your life and will not control your mood or state of mind; most importantly it will not make you give up. Next you must remove EVERY negative thought, even when they come around recognize them and immediately dismiss them, speak against them, rebuke them with holy water if you have to, just get rid of them. Easier said than done I know, but it is possible. You have to condition your mind in order for this change to take effect and be consistent. It will not be an overnight change, so don’t get depressed or frustrated if it doesn’t happen right away. As with any good or bad habit it takes practice. Every time you feel depressed shake it off and tell yourself that you refuse to feel this way anymore because you don’t want to; think of positive thoughts or memories, something to make you smile, get up and get out. Move to an area or person that will bring about positive energy and good vibes you can ‘feed’ off if it’s difficult to accomplish on your own. Every time you fail to achieve a goal you’ve set, brush yourself off, get up and go again; remember: failure is always necessary for success, because that’s how you learn to do it better the next time around. Every time things may not go how you want them to just remember: life is like that, things will not always go our way, but with a positive mindset you will learn never to quit until it does. Once you learn how to master the art of positive thinking you will feel more uplifted and you will realize that your life will take a turn for the better because you have decided it must. It’s not that your situation has improved, it’s just that because you have now developed the art of positive thinking you will not notice the negatives and focus only on the positives; hence everything around you becomes positive.

By changing your mindset from constantly negative to constantly positive you will now have the power to control your attitude, no bad omen or element can ruin your day, your mood, or your life. You may not be able to always control the outcome but you control the destiny. You are in control of Y-O-U and no one can and will ever be able to take that away. Invite and embrace positivity and positive will follow. Remember that emotions (how we feel) are all states of the mind and control our actions. If we think and entertain negative, negative energy will flow and everything in life will seem as that. If we think and entertain only positive, then positive energy will flow and everything in life will seem positive.

Our mind and body can only hold so much, so if you fill your mind with positive then there will be no room for negative thoughts to enter. You are stronger than you think; don’t think you are, know you are. All you have to do is change your mindset from negative to positive.

All the Best.


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