Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Becoming a Beautiful Person (Final)

Always remember through this entire transitional process the purpose is to learn how to become and remain a beautiful person no matter the given situation you may be in. Love is not weakness as it is seen, but it is the most powerful and most difficult of all the emotions, which is why so many people find it so hard to completely come to grips with. However, just think of how you are when you are in love, loved or loving, that’s usually when you are most alive isn’t it? I for one don’t smile much, not because I have no reason to, because believe me I have too much to smile about, but simply because that’s how I am, my smile mostly exists on the inside, that’s where I am constantly smiling. However, my smile often comes out when I’m around my friends and family and when I make others smile, especially when I make others smile. It’s a feel good feeling that words will never be able to describe, but, it feels REALLY good.

You now have to learn how to deal with hurt that may happen within your daily life and the people you interact with. There will arise many other occasions where people will do or say things that will lead you to hurt and anger, maybe not to such a great extent as before but it will happen, so how do you deal with these people? The approach that I use is trying to understand where they are coming from. Don’t be quick to anger, instead think and try to understand why they are acting the way they are. There is never a point in someone’s life where they wake up in the morning and say, “Ok…how can I make everyone’s life miserable today?” or at least I would hope that’s not the case. Usually people acting the way they do is a result of some misfortune that happened in their life before their confrontation with you; maybe they had a run in with the boss at work, someone said something to offend them and you just happen to be the first next person they end up coming in contact with, and all the frustration and anger is thrown at you. It can be in the case of a relationship the person was hurt before and they believe that in order to keep from getting hurt again it’s best to hurt you first, it’s the old ‘best defense is a good offense’ rule to war. By hurting you first (the offense) they protect themselves from being hurt (the defense). Understand where people are coming from and why they do to you what they do. Once you can do that then you will not be angered easily and can look pass the hurt they cause. Be sympathetic to their situation and help them get through it and become a better person. In a sense by showing them love you learn to love even when you are hurt and they will learn to do the same…share the love.

Finally, stay away from negativity and negative people. They will only upset the very delicate balance that you have worked so hard to create. Reach out to them, try to change their negative into positive, but realize that not everyone wants to be helped and not everyone will change. In order for change to take place they have to genuinely want to change themselves and not because you want them to. If it’s a losing battle leave them be and walk away. My philosophy for people who do not wish to be helped is “the best teacher in life is experience”. They will not learn by you telling them or showing them but by them going through it for themselves.

When there is inner peace you will feel absolutely no anger towards anyone, or it will be hard for you to. You will be filled with so much joy and happiness and peace that all you want to do is share it with everyone you meet, and it will seem as if you can never share enough because it is endless.

Each time you get hurt love the person who hurt you and the other after even more, this not only shows you as the beautiful person you are, but pretty soon others around you will be enchanted by it and the positive energy will rub off on them and even the not so loving will begin taking the steps to becoming…A Beautiful Person.

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