Thursday, October 1, 2009

In the Pursuit of Happiness

I felt the need to write this article based on one I recently read. The overall idea the writer has is that happiness is an illusion that doesn’t really exist. It is something that has been thrown to us to keep us from realizing the elusive fact that life is miserable and thinking positively or trying to obtain happiness as a result of positive thinking is unreal.

She starts out with the question, “Is this endless pursuit of happiness just making us all miserable?” One of the comments thereafter started “This is the stupidest article I have read in a very long time”, and that was one of the nicer comments.

My article is for those who may see things the same; so let me take the time to clear this misconception caused by YOUR delusion.

Firstly, get it out your head that happiness can be pursued. This seems to be the basis that many people use, thinking that they can obtain happiness this way, a common mistake I’m beginning to realize many people make. Also get this in your head: happiness is not metaphysical (supernatural), it is not tangible (something that can be physical held or touched), it is not the embodiment of something or someone, nor a divine work of God that only the select few can obtain or experience. Happiness is not outward, but comes from within. Therefore, why do people think they can pursue something that does not exist in a physical form? More so something that they already have…how do you pursue something that is already yours?

Happiness is a state of mind, a feeling, an emotion. Happiness is something that exists in all of us; we only have to take the time to notice that it is there. People who are happy are that way because they understand that you and you alone can make yourself happy, and it doesn’t come about from possessions, friends, family, intimate relationships, or wealth. This is a common, so very common, misunderstanding people have. I have realized that the reason for this is most people observe those who are happy or seem to be that way. This means all they see is what is on the outside, and what is depicted on the outside is money, fame, success, possessions, or a pretty happy relationship with someone the other person loves. They in turn interpret this to mean that these are the things that make these people happy, hence where the pursuit comes into play, trying to obtain what the “happy people” already have in order to be happy.

NO! “Happy People” are happy because they do what makes them happy and what makes “happy people” happy won’t necessarily make you happy, so stop trying to obtain what “happy people” have. Did you follow that? If you didn’t let me take the time to break down how one can truly experience happiness. Now keep in mind, happiness is a state of mind, not physical, and cannot be pursued. In order to be happy find out what makes you happy; not having something or having someone, but doing something in your life you enjoy that brings fulfillment, adds value and purpose to your life. Something that every time you are doing it, pursuing it, maybe a goal, it brings about a breath of fresh air, peace of mind and a smile to your face. Once you have identified it, now you use the power of positive thinking to pursue it, (see how positive thinking works in previous article “A Positive Mind Equals a Positive Life”). Then once you have succeeded at what you are pursuing this is where happiness manifests itself. So, in a sense happiness is a manifestation or byproduct of doing something you enjoy and brings fulfillment, and that is how it is truly obtained.

So let’s recap to clear any unwanted uncertainties: happiness cannot be pursued, happiness is not physical or metaphysical, and happiness cannot be brought about by obtaining possessions (having something or being with someone you believe will make you happy). Happiness does exist, happiness can only be brought about by Y-O-U, and happiness already exists within you so there’s no need to go out searching hopelessly for it. Find something that adds value, purpose and fulfillment to your life, pursue that, and happiness will reveal itself to you.

Learn how to have nothing at all in this world and still be happy. For once you have mastered this art you will find that you don’t need anything or anyone to be happy, all you need is you.

All the Best.


  1. For the sisters

    A man's agenda operates on a totally different wavelength than a woman's; most men are making a bee-line for the honey while women are meandering their way towards the heart of the man. As always, you are the keeper of the Hive and the protector of the inner sanctuary. Passion and anxiety can cloud an otherwise clear strong mind but good sense must persist and overcome at all cost. The hypocrisy of it all is that as hard as he is pressing, he is hoping that you will hold out and make a difference so that he is forced to hold you to a higher standard, therefore he can justify choosing you as the one that made the difference. Even if it doesn't work out he will always have you high on the respect totem pole, for having stood for your character and for sticking to your morals. You never win by jumping in. This is like double-dutch if you don't time it right you may get hit in the head with the rope. Remember men and women speak distinctly different languages and so do not be afraid to ask him to repeat anything that you do not understand when he speaks. A man with good intentions will be happy to ensure that you get his pitch and will not be offended when asked to back up his words. If you don’t test the quality of the man how will you know if you have rock or sand. Clear your mind and allow your feline intellect to claw at the truth, you need truth to make good decisions

  2. Thank you very much for that, I believe everything you say is true as I as a man can attest to it.

    I thank you for sharing on my blog and I look anxiously to reading and sharing on yours.