Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Am Not...

The following piece is copyrighted, in order to re-post or use this poem please seek permission from the writer (Winston A. Henderson)

Who am I, where am I, what am I?

Who am I is who I choose to be

Where am I is where my free spirit takes me

What am I is whatever I dare dream to be

Confused, diffused is your conscious state

Lacking mental weight to see my conscious face

Consciously I am nothing what you chose for me

But what I chose to see is my own individuality

You tell me to stop, say that I cannot

But how dare you tell me to be the things I am not

I am not the mirrored image of your perfect society

I am not the worker bee you desire me to be

I am not factory made, hence I am not a drone

I am not another, therefore I am not a clone

I am not a subject to serve your belief system

I am not a slave within your mental prison

I am not dumb, I am not blind, neither of those am I

I am not the timid voice which can be easily denied

So you say I have no class, hence I am outclassed

A perfect contrast, so I’m considered an outcast

Yet you wear masks to hide your true past

But even hidden my beauty you cannot outlast

At times seen as more yet considered as less

More than the best, but nothing like the rest

So try as you may to realize my dismay

For this is the day I shall say No way!

No how, no more, for in the clouds I will soar

Born to be the best like no one before

I will sing, I will shout, then without a doubt

You will hear the great thunder when I open my mouth

Take a look into my eyes, then with no surprise

You will realize greatness in its greatest prime

But then again…

More profound than average women and men

More than a mere human, I am something like a legend


  1. yes indeed take ah bow - this one is the bomb - i enjoyed reading each and every word looking forward to reading more of your poems

  2. thank you Lady B...coming from you it is more than appreciated