Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Know Your Greatness

Many believe that greatness, becoming great or accomplishing great things is only limited to a special few and select. That somehow God chose these people specifically to become great, and greatness is achieved by few and unattainable by most.

To be honest I believe that isn’t true. I believe greatness exists in all of us, I believe we can all be considered great in one way or another. I believe our greatness is lying dormant within us at this very moment, waiting for us to release it inward out. Your greatness is waiting for you to accept it, so it is time you accepted that we are all men and women of greatness.

If you consider yourself less than you are you will be seen and treated as such. This is a concept many people do not realize. If you stand tall on your pedestal then no one can reach you to pull you down to their level, think of yourself as such and you will raise yourself to a level of greatness. However, if you think you are beneath greatness, beneath your worth and beneath others then they will see you as being below them and will stomp you beneath their feet.

If you accept that your life and your value is one of mediocrity it will manifest as such, as I mentioned before there is great power in thought, for what you think so it shall become. If you think you are beautifully great, your grace and beauty will show to its highest degree. If you believe you are creatively great then you will excel with immense creativity in anything you strive to accomplish or achieve.

Many people fail to see or understand that they are indeed extraordinarily great simply because they lack self realization. Self realization, in a basic sense, is knowing who you are, what you are worth and what you can accomplish, discovering yourself. Self realization is one of the most fulfilling experiences life could ever possibly offer. When one enters this process and sees it through to the end, it is as if you feel the power to control the world and bend the very universe you exist in to your will. With self realization you now understand that you have limitless power, and you are worth far more than you could ever fathom or imagine. It’s having a God-like complex without the supernatural capabilities and powers of God. No amount of words written here can describe this feeling, one has to experience this wonder for themselves. Then with self realization comes self actualization: you now showing, sharing and displaying this greatness you have now found to the world to your highest capability, creativity, and potential.

Know, and get this deeply rooted in your head: There is no standard or definition for greatness. Greatness doesn’t mean becoming the first Black President of the United States of America like Obama; greatness doesn’t mean being renowned worldwide for producing some of the greatness music the world has ever known like Bob Markey; greatness doesn’t mean being able to run 9.58 seconds and being declared the fastest man alive like Usain Bolt; greatness doesn’t mean being recognized as one of the greatest scientific minds the world has ever known like Albert Einstein; greatness doesn’t mean beginning and leading the revolution that became the change for the rights of Black people like Marcus Garvey or Malcolm X; greatness doesn’t mean…well, you get the point. Greatness simply means being damn good at what you do, and doing it in your own way and to your utmost capability. These people are great because they have a passion for what they do and as a result they do it astonishingly well. These people are great because they do not allow society to dictate or define who they are and what they can accomplish. Find out what you are good at and excel at it, this will be your greatness. Own it, celebrate in it, and let the world know of it, and no one can take that away, I promise you this.

This, my fellow men and women is the reason greatness exists in all of us, because we are all great in our own way, it’s just a matter of us now letting the world know of it.

Do no accept or lower yourself to mediocrity, for anything that is below your worth is mediocrity (even if it considered great by others), practice your greatness, and even try to become greater than you already are.

All the Best.

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