Thursday, October 15, 2009

Attacking your Fears

Fear- “a distressing emotion aroused by impending (coming) danger, whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.” Definition as provided by

So if we break down the definition firstly we see the word ‘distress’ which means anxiety or an uncomfortable disturbance in our emotional and mental state. ‘Impending’ means the danger hasn’t even come or manifested yet. “Whether the threat is real or imagined”, which means it may not even exist, just a state of the mind fabricating a non-existing threat…unreal. “The feeling or condition of being afraid”, which means the feeling which is controlled by our state of mind; hence, we are afraid because our mind says we are afraid and not that there is anything to be afraid of.

I’m pretty sure I could stop here and you could easily deduce where I’m about to go with this. Just for the fun of it I’m going to talk about it anyway. Why are we afraid, controlled by fear? Is it because there is really anything to be afraid of? Nope. Is fear a state of mind or feeling that we can’t control? Nope. The truth is fear exists because we allow it to exist, fear holds power and control over us because we allow it have power and control over us. In reality fear has no power other than the power we give to it, because fear is a state of mind, and states of the mind (emotional states) can be control by the individual who controls the mind.

Most people are afraid to face their fears because they are afraid the result confronting that fear will yield. Do you have a fear of failure, fear to realize the truth, fear to take that business or personal (relationship) risk, fear of letting go, fear of admitting that you are wrong (pride)? Many believe that facing their fears is too scary to come to grips with or that it will upset the balance of their “comfortable and predictable” lives. They are accustomed to a particular pattern and anything other than that which they are accustomed will be seen as next to death. It is as if confronting the fear is signing your death wish. If you fear failure then you can never succeed; if you fear the truth then you will lead a life oppressed by lies…mislead; if you fear risks then you will never find the rewards life offers: if you fear letting go then how will find that which is more fulfilling than what you had before; if you fear admitting to the wrong then how will you know the gratification of when you’re truly right.

Fear is usually the negative influence that hinders us from growing into a better person or leading a more fulfilled life, reaping greater rewards life has to offer us. Fear exists only in the mind and nowhere else, which means you can have control over it. It prevents us from greater experiences, learning greater things, becoming a greater person, releasing inner hurt and pain, leading a life of greater value and appreciation. The common mistakes are thinking by suppressing the fear, pushing it from our conscious to sub-conscious it will go away, but it never will. Thinking if we leave it long enough it will solve itself, but it never does. Why then is it you are still plagued by that which you fear? It never goes away, only remains waiting for the opportunity to haunt you once again, laughing at your misfortune. If you think dealing with fear other than confronting it will solve the problem you are fooling yourself.

One has to learn to attack their fear, otherwise we will never truly be rid of it. Attacking your fear differs from confronting them. Confronting your fear is simply identifying, and recognizing them as a hindrance, facing them and taking passive steps to deal with them. However, sometimes that’s not enough, sometimes it’s difficult to truly face that which terrifies you, sometimes you have to literally wage war against fear. So what you have to do is attack it. Go at it with a swinging axe and sword before it has the chance to attack you first. You have to be militant, beat it down, rip it apart, show it that you’re not afraid and that it should be afraid of you, afraid to even come near you ever again. When you realize that you are fearful of something that should become your driving force and motivation to attack. You have to make up your mind that you don’t want fear to keep you from success, or happiness, or fulfillment, or peace of mind, which let me tell you is the one of, if not the most, beautiful gifts anyone can have in this life.

Know the first step is always the hardest and most painful. However, once you have made that first step you will be released and the healing or prosperity will slowly start to take root so that your life can grow into a greater beauty than you could ever imagine possible.

All the Best.

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