Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Becoming a Beautiful Person (Part 1)

Many will see this and their first thought is “hhhmmm…cosmetic, or beauty tips for my hair and body”, good try, but that’s not it. The beauty I am referring to is a beauty that transcends the very existence of life that even when explained, many will never be able to understand it, grasp or practice it, simply because the world has left them with an incurable bitterness.

The beauty that I refer to is inner beauty, the part of us that makes us sensational people, yet the part that is most ignored and most likely taken for granted by many. Firstly, I will go through a transitional process of two points of inner beauty that I refer to as ‘Pure Inner Beauty’ (the start) and ‘Reincarnated Inner Beauty’ (the end); everything in between is the bad that comes with the burdens of the world. Then after explain this process I will seek to explain how one makes the transition from ‘Pure’ to ‘Reincarnated’ inner beauty.

Looking from a general point of view, my definition of inner beauty is in essence someone who is beautiful on the inside; someone who can live and endure all the cruelty and hardships that come with being a part of this world, go through the most horrific of experiences, yet this very same person can still manage to emerge as a loving, caring person to everyone he/she meets. Able to share and show that love to everyone he/she may come across, regardless of who they may be or their importance in the person’s life. Now when we are born, and as a child this is the person we are, joyful, happy, loving, caring, care-free, untainted by anger or aggression. Hence, this is ‘Pure Inner Beauty’, being everything I just described as inner beauty, but as a child that is untainted by the harshness of the world, so it’s natural inner beauty, ‘a child’s innocence’.

This is the first stage; now, you’re living in the world, we come across hurt from friends, hurt from family, hurt from work through confrontations with your boss or co-workers, and hurt from a person that we once considered an intimate love interest, to be frank we experience some form of hurt, betrayal, and regret (even though I don’t believe in such a thing) in our lives. This is where we now make the transition from the first stage (Pure Inner Beauty) to the second stage which I will call ‘The Wall of Pain’. This is the stage where you have now experienced all the bad that the world has to offer, and more specifically that people can offer and how the person you consider closest to you can hurt you. You build a contained four wall area around yourself to protect yourself from the world and from any further hurt you may be exposed to. You use this to create your own comfort zone where you can maintain composure in the world, or at least appear to; still talk kindly with others and smile with others without the risk of getting hurt in the process or appearing as if the bitterness within you still exists. God forbid anyone dear tries to come close to that wall and be dismissed with a rejection and bitterness that not even death could compare to. You no longer know the meaning of true happiness, happiness from within, or love. There develops a feeling of anger and aggression and hurt that now shifts from a particular person to random people you encounter on a daily basis, and now there exists bitterness towards the world.

Part 2 coming next week...

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