Friday, August 7, 2009


The following piece is copyrighted, in order to re-post or use this poem please seek permission from the writer (Winston Henderson)

I see you from a distance, torn, beaten

A result of the cruelties this world has to offer

Happiness has left you for another

Only sorrow accompanies each staggered step

Items in a leathered bag, hoist over the shoulder

Such a burden you choose to bear on your own

Yet another weight looms over your head

You lift your head high to appear at ease

But trained eyes has seen the darkness

Hidden beneath…tainting the purity of your soul

Such a pain I feel in my heart for one so angelic

Such unkindness one so pure has to endure

It burns deep, disturbing the inner peace within

Try as I may to understand your pain

I fear I will never for only you feel its barbarity

No longer shall I sit and wait for the sun

To light paths, destroying the darkness

I clothe myself in the cape of justice

Shielded by the armors of generosity

Wielding a sword of compassion

Some call me kin, some friend

But you shall call me saviour

I will take your hand and lift you above the clouds

Be your crutch when reality gives you its weight to bear

Bring calm to your sea when the water becomes fierce

Rest your cares and worries in my hands

Release despair that joy may once again flow into your heart

Lay your head on my shoulder so I may stroke your hair

As if to shed anguish from your disturbed mind

Troubled I hold you in consoled arms

I embrace your pain and tortured heart as if my own

Soft fingertips will cast away tears from your eyes

I will weed the injustice of this world from your garden

Just to see a sweet rose and her smile once again

…and be Your Saviour


  1. i can relate to this soo much..i love it!!

  2. This leaves me speechless -- gracias!