Monday, August 3, 2009

What is Impossible?...NOTHING!!!

“What's possible is anything. What's possible is everything. What's possible is possible now. What's possible is possible for you. You can't undo what's already happened. However, you can choose right now from a limitless array of what's possible as you move forward.” (Ralph Marston)

Too often we as human beings dwell too much in the past without realizing the greater fulfillment of the future. If one lingers in the past they won’t realize the endless possibilities the future holds. Let go of hurt, for this is how we find greater happiness; let go of failure, for this is how we find greater success; even let go of the person you were so that you may become the person greater than who you could imagine through growth.

Know even if you believe what has happened in your past will keep you from your desired future, this is not so. The only thing that can keep you from the future you want is you. Stop making excuses, blaming others, and blaming your state for your current situation. The time spent making excuses and placing blame can be spent more productively making plans and preparations for the future you wish to have rather than the future you think is defined for you. List your goals, who you are now, and who you wish to become, whether in your career or personal life. List how you plan on achieving those goals, and then be disciplined enough to take the steps to realize these goals.

Do not limit your possibilities, for all of us as people are a lot greater in our abilities than we realize, we just have to believe and become aware of it. Never limit your thoughts, even if you and others believe them to be unrealistic, it can become realized in time through hard work. If someone else is more articulate than you, brighter than you, has accomplished more than you, or better educated…SO WHAT. This doesn’t make them better than you, or that they have achieved what you cannot. It only means they have taken the time and discipline to achieve these things. Know that if you do as well then who knows maybe you’ll even become greater than they are. So never allow someone to let you feel less than your true worth because of their accomplishments or your lack thereof; because to be honest it’s not that they’re better, it’s just that you haven’t taken the time to show your true greatness.

Nothing is impossible, it’s just that the seemingly impossible are always the most difficult to achieve.


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